The Bangladesh Society of Critical Care Medicine was founded on December 5, 2009 by a group of leading Bangladeshi physicians working in ICU. The introductory meeting was held at the conference room/library of ICU of BIRDEM General Hospital attended by the following physicians-
Prof. Mohammad Omar Faruq, Professor� &� Head of the Dept of Critical Care Medicine, BIRDEM General Hospital & Ibrahim Medical College

Prof. U H Shahera Khatun, Professor� &� Head of the Dept of Anaesthesiology & ICU, Dhaka Medical College & Hospital
Prof. M A Mannan, Professor� &� Head of the Dept of Anaesthesiology & ICU, Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Hospital
Dr. Mirza Nazimuddin, Chief Consultant of ICU, Square Hospital
Dr. Raghib Manzoor, Head & Consultant of ICU, Central Hospital
Dr. Mohammed Maniruzzaman, Chief of ICU, United Hospital
Dr. A S M Areef Ahsan, Asst. Prof, Dept of Critical Care Medicine, BIRDEM General Hospital & Ibrahim Medical College
Dr. Md Jahangir Kabir, Asso Prof of Anaesthesiology,
Burn & Plastic Surgery Unit, Dhaka Medical College & Hospital
Dr. Col (retd) S M H Shahid, Head & Consultant of ICU, Anwar Khan Modern Medical College & Hospital
Dr. Asif Mujtaba Mahmud, Asso Prof, National Institute of Diseases of the Chest & Hospital
Dr. Rownak Jahan Tamanna, Asst Prof, Dept of Cardiology, BIRDEM & Ibrahim Medical College
Dr. Mohamad Faruk, Head of ICU, Bangladesh Medical College & Hospital
Dr. Col. M H M Delwar Hossain, Head of ICU, Combined Military Hospital, Dhaka
Dr. Md Sayedul Islam, Chief of ICU, Lab Aid Hospital
Dr. Kaniz Fatema, Jr. Consultant, Dept of Critical Care Medicine, BIRDEM General Hospital
Dr. Fatema Ahmed, Registrar, Dept of Critical Care Medicine, BIRDEM General Hospital & Ibrahim Medical College
The introductory meeting was initiated by Prof. Mohammad Omar Faruq who is the Pioneer of critical care medicine & leading man in establishing CPR workshop & MD course in Critical Care Medicine in Bangladesh.
The theme of the meeting was �It is high time for a society of Critical Care Medicine�. There was an active discussion & exchange of views by several distinguished participants. The following doctors took part in the discussion:

Prof. Mohammad Omar Faruq
Prof. U H Shahera Khatun
Prof. M A Mannan
Dr. Mirza Nazimuddin
Dr. Raghib Manzoor
Dr. Mohammed Maniruzzaman
Dr. Asif Mujtaba Mahmud
Dr. Col (retd) S M H Shahid
Dr. Md Sayedul Islam

The following decisions were taken-
1.The name of the society would be �Bangladesh Society of Critical Care Medicine� (BSCCM).
2.An executive committee was formed & following portfolio was proposed & unanimously seconded:
Proposed Office Bearers of Executive Committee
a)President: Prof. Mohammad Omar Faruq (BIRDEM)
b)Senior Vice President: Prof. U H Shahera Khatun (DMCH)
c)Vice President: Prof. M A Mannan (HFRCMCH)
d)Secretory General: Dr. Mirza Nazimuddin (Square)
e)Joint secretary General: Dr. Raghib Manzoor (Central)
f)Treasurer: Dr. Mohammed Maniruzzaman (United)
g)Organizing Secretary: Dr. A S M Areef Ahsan (BIRDEM)
h)Scientific Secretary: Dr. A R M Nooruzzaman (Square)
i)Secretary for Inter Society Affairs: Dr. Asif Mujtaba Mahmud (NIDCH)
j)Secretary for International Affairs: Prof. Aysha Sikder (USA)
Dr. Col (retd) S M H Shahid
k)Social Welfare Secretary: Dr. Rownak Jahan Tamanna (BIRDEM)
l)Press & Publication Secretary: Dr. Md Jahangir Kabir (DMCH)
m)Public Relation Secretary: Dr. Md Sayedul Islam (NIDCH)
Proposed Executive Committee Members
a)Dr. Lutful Aziz (Apollo)
b)Dr. Col. M H M Delwar Hossain (CMCH)
c)Dr. Mohamad Faruk (BMCH)
d)Prof. Shamsul Alam (CMCH)
e)Dr. Saifuddin Khaled (Chittagong Center Point Hospital)
f)Dr. Qumrul Huda (BSMMU)
g)Dr. Kaniz Fatema (BIRDEM)
h)Dr. Fatema Ahmed (BIRDEM)
Proposed Advisory Board
i.Prof. A K Azad Khan
ii.Prof. Nazmun Nahar
iii.Prof. Mirza Mazharul Islam
iv.Prof. K M Iqbal
v.Prof. M. Khalilur Rahman
vi.Prof. T A Chowdhury
vii.Prof. Humayun Kabir Chowdhury
viii.Prof. Maj. Gen. (retd) Ziauddin Ahmed
ix.Prof. K M H S Sirajul Huq
x.Prof. Shafiqur Rahman
xi.Prof. Saiful Islam
xii.Prof. Margub Hossain
xiii.Prof. Ziaur Rahman
xiv.Prof. Mirza Mohammad hiron
xv.Prof. Rashedul Hassan
xvi.Prof. Ali Hossain
xvii.Prof. Syed Atiqul Haq
xviii.Prof. Hajera Mahtab
xix.Prof. M A Faiz
xx.Prof. Nur Nabi Chowdhury
xxi.Prof. Qazi Deen Mohammad
xxii.Prof. Mahbubul Alam
xxiii.Prof. Tofayel Ahmed
xxiv.Prof. Mobin Khan
xxv.Asso. Prof. Abdul Hai

The primary objective of BSCCM was to unite the Critical Care Medicine Specialists/Intensivists into one body for advancement of scientific knowledge & to popularize modern critical care in our country.
1)To establish & develop critical care medicine
2)To improve the quality of critical care service
3)To safeguard the professional rights of members of the society
4)To enhance mutual co-operation amongst members of society
5)To determine policy matter with the aim of rendering low cost critical care
6)To promote post graduate courses in critical care medicine
7)To help establishing CCUs/ICUs in Govt. & private level
8)To promote higher training & research in critical care medicine
9)To publish scientific journal, newsletter, booklet, guidelines, directory etc
10)To arrange local, regional, national & international seminar, symposium, conference, congress, workshop etc.

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